At Chef, everything we do is inspired by our love of food. The birthplace of our favorite meals, our kitchens - and the products that going with them - matter. That’s why we’re committed to applying the most innovative technology to all of our designs, creating superior functioning products with the contemporary style in today's kitchens crave.

Nothing says “good food” better than a kitchen that is well-used. But, in order to stay inviting, the kitchens that are used the most need smart products that help to keep them clean. And, nothing is more effective at keeping a kitchen clean and comfortable than a great, functioning range hood. At Chef, each of our range hood product lines is designed with these principles in mind:

· Extract smoke and prevent it from spreading in your home

· Stop grease from ruining your cabinets and walls

· Eliminate unappealing odor

· Look incredible in diverse styles and settings

· Stay clean by keeping maintenance simple and straight forward

· Keep you healthy by ensuring you’re not inhaling greasy smoke

When your kitchen is fitted with chef products, it not only improves the quality of your food, but it improves your overall lifestyle, too: clean kitchens make better food and keep you and your family healthy, and well - fed. Not just for looks, Chef range hoods do their job so that you can get back to what you do best - cooking for the people you love the most in an environment that’s safe, clean, free from smoke and other harmful toxins. Cooking is meant to be enjoyable, so stop making it a chore. And, even more importantly, stop making it a dangerous one.

Cook more. Stay safe. Keep your home beautiful. Feed the people you love.

When you trust Chef, you trust the best. We want our customer to enjoy using our range hoods with ease of mind. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.



As one of the most trusted American brands, Chef has over 15 years of expertise in offering professional services and crafting the highest, quality products for kitchens across the country. We’re proud of each and every product we sell, knowing the important role is plays in making your house a home.



Chef’s founders and team members strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do, from the beautiful product and overall user experience to the incredible customer into our family the same way our customers invite their family into their kitchens.

Each of our range hoods is ETL or UL certified and crafted from the highest quality materials available. Equipped with more powerful suction than other range hoods on the market, Chef ensures that each range hood is easy to clean and maintain, preventing unattractive, unhealthy buildup in your kitchen. The intensive process behind each range hood gives us the confidence to offer a 2-year limited product warranty and a lifetime warranty on every motor.